Leesburg VA Septic System Alarm

Every Leesburg VA septic system needs an alarm for routine and emergency warnings. Most alarms sound off for simple high-level warnings, which indicate a need for waste removal. However, heavy rains can work their way into a septic tank, especially if the servicing hatch was left unsecured. The alarm also sounds if there is a broken or leaking pipe near the tank and the outflowing water begins to seep inside.


At SES Mid-Atlantic, we understand that every Leesburg VA septic system alarm can be a warning which prevents a sewage spill or indicates a major repair of the septic system is needed. Our team carefully advises each home or business owner before installation about potential problems and to call us immediately if the alarm sounds.


A Septic tank alarm uses two components: A float control switch and a sewage ejector pump. Working in tandem, they allow the alarm to provide the overfill warning and then release wastewater or partially treated sewage, into the surrounding environment. When functioning properly, and not filling with rainwater, the alarm also sounds quickly enough to call for a waste removal or other service.


As the tank continues to fill before the tank truck arrives, the float rises higher and triggers the alarm again. The float also starts the ejector pump to release the top of the wastewater, called effluent. When enough is released to return the float to a safe level, it stops the pump and switches off the alarm.


The same automatic procedure occurs when water is purposefully added. After we install a septic tank and the county authority certifies it is leak-free, adding water serves no purpose. It does not break down a solid matter of increase bacterial growth. It only raises the float, triggering the alarm and forcing the owner to make an unscheduled request for removing wastewater.


What a Leesburg VA septic system alarm cannot do is detect odors. There should never be a smell, even if someone is standing on the service hatch. If there is an odor, the hatch is the first item to check. It is possible an operator did not properly secure it after servicing. If the hatch is properly closed, then the most likely option is that the intake or outlet pipe is cracked and slowly leaking into the dirt surrounding the tank, bypassing the alarm completely.


To make certain we meet the customer’s needs, we maintain our design team to plan and then build the system needed for new homes, housing subdivisions, or large-scale industrial operations. We also have extensive experience with systems needed for hospitals and other medical facilities. If you need a septic system that gives you more control over your facility, contact the SES Mid-Atlantic offices to start the design process. Call today at 866-249-5630 for more details.

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