Gainesville VA Septic System

We’ve been getting this question recently: How does a Gainesville VA septic system work? Good question. A septic system is an enclosed operation that begins processing the waste generated from a home or business at that site. The components are a septic tank (usually concrete), a waste pipe that runs from the structure to the tank, and an exit point which forcesf effluent, partially processed wastewater, out of the tank in case of an overfill.


Now in our thirty-first year of business, SES Mid Atlantic has designed and installed thousands of these systems throughout the state. Our engineers and technicians can tailor-build a system to your requirement, regardless if it is for a commercial or residential property.


Many developers in the area ask us why they should choose a Gainesville VA septic system. After all, the city and county paid for a perfectly good sewer system. While tfhis is true, a sewer does not always provide the best support depending on the geography or soil content. In areas with steep slopes, gravity works against sewer lines. It can force wastewater and solids back to a low point, causing clogs which eventually push waste into the structure or cause the sewer lines to fail at connections or other weak points.


In some parts of the state, the loose soil is too shallow to cover buried sewer lines properly. Other areas with high groundwater often lift sewer up out of the ground. In both cases, this leaves the sewer lines exposed to the weather. After one or two hard freezes, the lines burst from the cold, leaving a mess. The same result happens when the soil is too rocky or contains too much sand or clay to insulate the pipe underground.


A septic system avoids these problems entirely. We bury the tank and pipes at a set point in the ground, regardless of how hard it is to dig down. If we do not like the soil content, we bring in a more efficient fill to surround the tank. It is possible to do this with a Gainesville VA septic system because we only deal with one small location compared to the miles of soil that need to be moved to install a network of sewer lines.


No network of lines is also why a septic system is often a safer choice for commercial and residential properties. Since we handle waste removal by truck, a pump-out can be scheduled at any time in order not to disturb neighbors or interfere with daily operations. Homeowners and property managers also have total control over the maintenance of their system. After installing a new septic tank, we work closely with the owner to determine an inspection and maintenance schedule that best suits their septic use and their budget.


More communities are looking to septic tanks as an alternative to sewers for city planning. If you have any questions about the advantages a Gainesville VA septic system offers for businesses and neighborhoods, call us here at SES Mid Atlantic at 866-249-5630 today.

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