Fairfax VA Septic System

How does a Fairfax VA septic system work? A short answer would be very effectively with a small amount of maintenance for virtually any type of home or business.


A septic system can function in any environment, but developers and planners prefer them in what might be called limited areas. These include structures on steep slopes where gravity can push back against the proper flow direction and in coastal parts of Virginia where it is required to remove certain nutrients from the wastewater to preserve endangered or at-risk species.


Regardless of the size, every septic system is made up of a holding tank, an intake pipe that runs from the structure to the tank, and an exit pipe high up on the opposite end of the tank for the effluent runoff. The exit pipe is there in case of an emergency where the tank fills too high so that effluent wastewater exits before the heavier sludge gets out and results in a massive cleanup cost. At SES Mid Atlantic, we prevent this with a regular inspection and maintenance schedule.


There are also certain types of soil where a septic system has an advantage over a sewer system. Areas with shallow, rocky or sandy soils often leave buried sewer lines exposed to weather and temperature changes. Parts of the state with a higher level of groundwater are also better for installation of a septic system than a network of sewer lines.


In the last few years, SES Mid Atlantic has installed more Fairfax VA septic systems in sites where the current sewer system failed. The owners of these properties based their decision on the cost of installing a septic tank and tying it to the interior plumbing as opposed to replacing sewer lines with no guarantee they would not fail.


Cost alone is not always the deciding factor though. With a regular inspection and maintenance schedule, a septic system is safer to not only to residential and industrial communities but the local environment as well. More city planners and commercial developers are choosing Fairfax VA septic systems for their schools, subdivisions, factories, and restaurants. It makes these facilities more self-reliant, and the owners have total control over the operation and maintenance of their septic system.


With 31 years in business, we have more experience designing, installing, and maintaining septic systems than any other company in Virginia. No matter if it is for a single-family dwelling, a new housing development or an industrial park, SES Mid Atlantic engineers and architects can help you put together a system that protects the environment and a maintenance schedule that protects your investment. Call us today at 866-249-5630 to learn what we can do for you and your property.

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