Clifton VA Septic System

How does a Clifton VA septic system work? The quick answer is that it is an enclosed tank with an inlet and outlet pipe which temporarily stores waste and begins the process of breaking down solid matter.


The longer answer is a septic system receives human waste from a home, group of homes, business or group of businesses. Once the waste collects inside the holding tank, naturally occurring bacteria grow and begin to break down the solid waste. Once the contents of the tank reach a certain level, a tanker truck empties it to prevent the top level of wastewater, or effluent, from exiting the tank and contaminating the area.


Now, comes the second question. Do I need a Clifton VA septic system? The answer to this question is that it depends on the location and what kind of business the septic system is supposed to service.


For residential and commercial development, a septic system is a better choice when the local geography is made up of steep slopes. The normal flow through sewer pipes is slowed and pushed back by gravity, causing blockages, and eventually, the pressure begins to burst pipes. With a septic tank, gravity has no adverse effects on the short, horizontal inlet and outlet pipes.


Type of soil also makes a septic system a better choice. If the soil is too shallow to bury a sewer line fully, then it is at risk of being exposed by the weather and freezes and splits in the winter. The same can happen if the soil is deep enough, but is too rocky, contains too much clay or sand or if it has a high level of groundwater.


None of these factors interfere with a Clifton VA septic system.  The inlet pipe is buried under the building and goes directly to the holding tank. To properly install a septic holding tank requires burying it at a level determined by the size of the tank. If the soil is not safe for installation, then the proper kind of fill dirt has to be brought in to seat the tank correctly to prevent groundwater getting under the tank and pushing it up through the topsoil.


For small, office buildings or single family homes, a septic system or sewer system work equally well. There is little chance that either type of structure might overwhelm the systems and if they are in the middle of a sewer network, it might not even be possible to install a holding tank.


If the building is a hospital, then there is constant pressure on the plumbing. With a septic system, the building manager has more control over system maintenance and can schedule a tanker truck to remove waste at any time. The same applies to schools and large industrial parks.


If you are in the planning stages for a new business or a housing development, contact SES Mid Atlantic at 866-249-5630. With over thirty years of experience, our engineers can design a Clifton VA septic system perfect for your project.

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