Alternative Septic System Installation in Lake Ridge, VA

Are you thinking of installing a traditional septic tank on your property? In that case, you should know the potential challenges involved in this job. For example, what if you run into bedrock under the soil surface while trying to dig?  

What are your options if the soil surrounding your property is not thick enough to excavate and construct a standard septic tank? In such cases, what additional alternatives do you have available? We believe alternative septic system installation in Lake Ridge, VA, might be your best option.

Now let us see how an alternative septic system is different from a conventional septic system. Remember that there is more than one method to redirect and appropriately treat your household’s wastewater before it is released into the environment.

It would be in your best interest to look into the many options out there before choosing whether a traditional septic system would suit your specific requirements. This is because doing the proper research will, over time, result in considerable cost savings for you.

Furthermore, if you live near lakes, rivers, or other water bodies prone to contamination, the standard way of sanitation, utilizing traditional septic tanks, may not be adequate to safeguard the area’s ecology. In such situations, the ideal solution for you would be to move to an alternative septic system.

In addition, if the soil on your property cannot perk, an alternative septic system installation in Lake Ridge, VA, can be the finest solution. “Perking” refers to the capacity of the soil to take in water and store it inside its pores for an extended period.

It is essential to keep in mind that before you can begin construction on your new septic system, your property will need to go through and pass a “perk” or “perc” test, which stands for percolation. Through this test, it will be possible to determine whether the soil on your land is suitable for installing a typical septic tank.

This is because a conventional septic system releases water that has been cleansed into the nearby soil. As a result, this issue has arisen. The plants and bacteria in the ground continue to purify the water, which transforms into groundwater after a period of time. If you construct a traditional septic system on terrain that is not able to absorb all that water, you will have to deal with flooding problems on your property.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to get in touch with us for alternative septic system installation in Lake Ridge, VA. To get in touch with us, please use the online contact form available on our website. After you finish doing so, one of our specialists will contact you and provide you with the pertinent information.

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