How to fix septic odors around my Manassas, VA home

Have you lately struggled with the question, “How to fix septic odors around my Manassas, VA home?” As the premier service and installation company for septic tanks in the area, we consider it our duty to enlighten you in this matter. First of all, be aware that a healthy septic tank should never emit any smell. So if you have a bad odor anyplace in or around your home, it’s not a good sign.

When gases build up that the system’s bacteria can’t degrade, septic tanks start to smell. These scents are offensive and present in such concentrations that the gases they release might be explosive or toxic. Such septic system failure may also be risky and costly to repair.

However, since SES Mid Atlantic is by your side to teach you how to handle offensive odors, you need not worry. The most frequent reasons why septic tanks smell and possible fixes are covered in the following section.

How to fix septic odors around my Manassas, VA home? 

Before enlisting the aid of an expert, try the following procedures if you feel confident performing them.

  • Determine whether the septic tank in your home is overflowing.

This may be the most typical and easily fixed septic tank issue. When there is too much waste in the tank, and it gets blocked, a bad stench may float around your home from the inside and the outside.

There is a quick cure for this problem. Depending on its size and frequency of use, it is advised that you call in professionals to pump out your septic tank at a more or less fixed schedule such as once every 3 to 5 years. In other words, keeping the septic tank clean is part of maintaining a functional septic system.

  • Examine the roof vents

Plumbing vent stacks allow drains to release air via the ceiling. Unfortunately, the air pressure in the pipes cannot equalize when a vent stack malfunction, which prevents waste from emptying properly. Additionally, the waste pipe may exchange air with the environment outside, thanks to the venting mechanism.

If this doesn’t happen, it might result in a bad smell from the toilet, gurgling noises, and slow drains. Clear your vents for blockages, such as leaves, snow, or plants, in this scenario. 

  • Try an Activated Carbon Cover

Place an activated carbon filter over your vent to eliminate odors, and you are done! While these devices perform a good job removing odor, remember that an activated carbon cover will mask a bigger issue.

  • Investigate Do-It-Yourself remedies.

Pour baking soda down the toilet or into the drain. Make sure not to use more than a cup. If this is carried out once per week, you can ensure that the pH level of your septic tank remains ideal for the bacteria and that your septic tank presents you with fewer problems.

If nothing seems to be working, please contact us to deal with the odor. You can also contact us if you have any questions or issues. To get in touch with our professionals, kindly fill out the contact form on our website.

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