How to fix septic odors around my Haymarket, VA home

Stale sewage smells wafting into your house are, without question, highly unpleasant. If you are currently experiencing this and wondering, “How to fix septic odors around my Haymarket, VA home?” we have some valuable recommendations. Let us first try to answer your question.

How to fix septic odors around my Haymarket, VA home?

  • The primary issue is an overflowing septic tank. 

This is the most common cause of an odor from a septic tank. The problem can be solved by emptying it. As specialists in septic systems, we strongly advise having septic tanks pumped out once every three years.

  • The second issue is drains that are either blocked or dry. 

The septic tank’s drains are designed to hold water and prevent gasses from rising into regions where this would be undesirable. However, if the water in the drain evaporates completely, the scents may begin to seep into your home.

The problem may be fixed by flushing water down the drains and cleaning the joints where the pipes attach. In addition, you may help water stay in the trap by pouring water down the drains, particularly in areas that do not require much use, such as a bathroom designated for visitors. This is especially helpful in preventing water from evaporating from the trap.

  • The third problem is a vent stack that is clogged. 

The pipe that enables the gases that have built up in your septic tank to be released into the atmosphere is referred to as the vent stack. Nevertheless, leaves and other debris may get stuck inside, which can cause unpleasant scents to become entrapped around your house. 

The problem may be fixed by adequately cleaning the vent stacks and the roof and extending the pipe length if it is too short. 

  • Cold climate is the next culprit to address.  

Imagine that you live in an area with a high probability of sporadic bouts of temperatures below freezing. In this scenario, there is a possibility that ice may form around the venting areas during periods of extreme cold or ice storms. This might cause odors to get trapped within the structure, similar to how a blockage caused by leaves or other material would.

The most effective course of action for you to take in this predicament would be to keep a close eye on the area where the problem is occurring and to check for ice as often as possible. The ice obstructing the vent may be melted with the assistance of warm water placed in the vicinity of the vent. Vent pipes may also be insulated if you feel that it is essential to do so.

  • Finally, you need to check for gaskets and seals that are not working correctly.

If you discover that the smell of sewage in your home is worse in the bathroom, you should check the wax seal that is located on the toilet to see if it needs to be replaced. Fixing this problem shouldn’t present much of a challenge for a plumber, and the cost shouldn’t be too high

If you cannot eliminate the foul odors emanating from your septic system, we encourage you to contact the specialists at SES Mid Atlantic. To get in touch with one of our experts, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on our website, and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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