Common Septic Tank Problems in Manassas Park VA?

Have you installed a septic system in your Manassas Park, VA home? You want to ensure that it runs smoothly and benefits you for a long time. Indeed, septic tanks are known for being safe and reliable systems for your household’s waste disposal. Nonetheless, septic system emergencies still occur, and you shouldn’t remain ignorant of such instances. It helps to know the common septic tank problems in Manassas Park, VA.

The common problems with septic tanks tend to occur if you don’t prioritize their care and part of your routine maintenance. Let’s find out the most common septic tank problems that homeowners tend to experience.

What Are the Common Septic Tank Problems in Manassas Park, VA?

  • Infiltration of Tree Roots

Tree root infiltration is another common problem that homeowners with poorly maintained septic systems tend to experience. Tree roots get into the moisturized and nutrient-rich waste found in septic tanks. What happens is that the tree roots gradually move around and into the septic tanks and lines. They can penetrate through the small leaks and cracks and expand them over time. However, when you work hand in hand with professionals like the SES experts, they should help to account for the nearby trees and plants to ensure that tree root infiltration is not likely to happen.

  • Backups and Clogs

Out of all the septic tank issues a homeowner can face, backups and clogging are perhaps the most dreaded. You most likely won’t want to imagine the experience when dirty sewage leaks through the drains and into your home. 

It can get worse when you have visitors staying around your home, only to experience the filthy sewage leaks and odors all over your home’s atmosphere.

To avoid such issues, ensure you keep wastes out of your drains. Mainly, try to avoid throwing the expandable and solidifying substances into your sink and drainages. You should also avoid flushing them in the toilet since they can cause blockages. Such wastes include:

  • Oil and grease
  • Sanitary towels
  • Diapers
  • Tampons
  • Gauze
  • Regular septic tank cleaning is also essential.
  • Septic Lines Damage Due to Digging

If you have any other underway project in your yard, ensure you call the necessary authorities before starting. You need to do this to mark your septic lines and other utility lines before the digging begins. Most homeowners continue to destroy their septic systems by digging straight into them unknowingly. Eventually, you’ll have to pay the costs of expensive pipe repairs and septic tank replacement.

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At SES, we have the appropriate experience level to solve common septic tank problems in Manassas Park, VA. We also undertake any septic system maintenance work to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning tank.

For 34 years now, we’ve helped thousands of clients solve their septic tank issues. We value you and look forward to satisfying them with our outstanding services.

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