Common Septic System Problems in Nokesville, VA

As a homeowner in Nokesville, Virginia, who depends on a septic tank for the disposal of sewage created by their household, one of the things you want to avoid at all costs is a septic tank malfunctioning or overflowing. It’s perhaps the scariest nightmare you could ever imagine. Let us, however, warn you that when things go wrong, they have the potential to become rather unpleasant.

It is usually preferable if you have the essential knowledge about some of the most typical difficulties you may face as a septic system owner. This is because having this information will assist you to deal such a situation more efficiently. We have compiled a list of some common septic system problems in Nokesville, VA.

  • Shifting of the Ground

Remember that even the slightest shift of the soil may put incredible stress on your septic tank. Because of this, there is a possibility that the walls of your septic tank can fracture or even shatter. If anything like this occurs, the septic tank can fill up and need emptying more often than normal. This can interfere with your regular emptying routine and make things more expensive for you.

  • Damage Caused by a Tree Root or Another Plant

Because tree and shrub roots are capable of growing through septic tank walls, positioning your septic tank too close to nearby vegetation may be problematic and lead to maintenance issues. It’s even possible that they may destroy the pipes that are used to connect the septic tank to your house.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance 

This is one of the most common septic system problems in Nokesville, VA, and it’s also one that can be avoided with a minimal amount of effort. All that is required of you is to maintain a routine and have your septic tank pumped out regularly. The specific timetable will differ from tank to tank; for some, you may need to do it once a year, while for others, you do it once in three or four years.

  • Vehicle Damage.

As a homeowner, you are responsible for knowing the placement of your septic tank and ensuring that no cars are ever parked on top of it under any circumstances. This is because the additional weight might strain your septic tank, which can lead to major damage. 

  • Using A Septic Tank That is Too Old 

Even though your tank is very old, it may still be able to perform its duties to the best of its ability. However, this efficiency won’t even come close to that of a more recent model. As a result of its advanced age, it could be more prone to clogs, breakdowns, and many other sorts of damage.

Fill out the contact form available on our website to get in touch with an expert at SES Mid-Atlantic if you have any questions regarding common septic system problems in Nokesville, VA, or how to remedy them. Have faith that one of our trained experts will contact you as soon as possible to provide the essential assistance you need.

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