What Causes Septic System Failures in Sudley Springs, VA?

You could have a private septic system servicing your home. It might be an investment that took a chunk out of your budget. This is why it is crucial to ensure that the system is functioning well at all times.

Now, what if the reverse was to happen. Read on to find out what causes septic system failures in Sudley Springs, VA. 

We will show you what to watch out for, why it happens and what you can do. 

Identifying Septic System Failure

 You are likely to have a septic system failure if you answer yes to more than one of the questions below. 

  • Do you notice a sewage smell in and around the house?
  • Are there standing pools of water around the septic tank?
  • Does the grass in some spots in the yard look greener than usual?
  • Are you experiencing any problems with drainage?
  • Have you noticed any backup when you flush the toilet?

The above are the typical signs you will notice when a septic system is developing an issue. The earlier you get expert help, the better. Letting the situation deteriorate further will cost you a pretty penny to rectify. 

What Causes Septic System Failures in Sudley Springs, VA?

Now you know what to watch out for. Indeed, it helps to understand why it happens. There are several reasons why septic system fails. These include;-

  • Excessive use of water within the home. It is essential to understand what happens in the septic tank. The large or heavier particles settle at the bottom. Scum rises to the very top.

In the middle is the watery part that typically drains out into the drain field. Back in the tank, the bacteria will be hard at work, breaking down the scum and sludge. Exceeding the capacity of the tank can overwhelm the entire system.

  • Insufficient capacity to handle the waste you generate. Professionals will calculate capacity depending on the number of people contributing to waste generation. They will typically look at the number of people living in the house.
  • Physical damage to the septic system. Installation companies will avoid trees because the roots may damage the components. They also keep away from high traffic areas that could damage the parts. 
  • Surface runoff and other debris entering the septic system. You should divert excess water to other areas, away from the septic system. If it enters, it will increase the amount of waste.
  • Lack of maintenance, improper installation, and designs are other contributing factors. 

Call SES Today for Septic System Maintenance

As we said, do not wait until there’s an issue to start taking care of a septic system. Take the preemptive approach by keeping up with inspections and pump-outs. We have the right team ready to work with you. 

We have managed to service a large number of clients who have faced similar issues. The SES team has the expertise, tools and knowledge to provide a lasting solution. 

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