What Causes Septic System Failures in Prince William, VA?

Imagine living in a house without a septic system. You would revert to the days gone by when out-houses were the solution. Bathing, washing dishes, and clothes would be a huge task. It would require fetching water and cleaning everything outside.  

Thanks to the septic system, now you can enjoy the convenience of flushing toilets, showers, washing machines, and dishwashers. 

Now comes a question. When was the last time you seriously thought about your septic system? Perhaps never, since you might have not had a problem with it. 

There are, however, some things that could be happening in the background that could become an issue. We will share some factors that cause septic system failures in Prince William, VA. Let’s discover more below.

Signs That Your System Could Be Failing

 A typical septic system comprises many components or parts. The pipes laid the waste into the septic tank. The tank is the receptacle that holds the waste. 

The outlet pipes drain the watery part out of the tank. Also, there are the bacteria that break down the sludge and scum. A healthy septic system should function at optimal levels at all times. 

Above all, it is essential to know that a septic system can and does fail sometimes. It is pretty easy to see when this is happening. You will notice any of the following signs: –

  • You might experience drainage problems
  • There may be back up anytime you flush the toilet
  • The house may start to smell of sewage
  • You could notice wet spots in the yard around the septic tank
  • Lush greenery in some areas of the yard

At this point, you must call in the experts. If you let the situation deteriorate any further, the cost implication of repairing it can be pretty high. Remember, living in a home with septic system failure would be very uncomfortable for everyone. 

What Causes Septic System Failures in Prince William, VA

Now that you know the signs of septic system failure. It is important to understand what could be contributing to it. There are several factors including:-

  • Lack of proper maintenance of the system. Let the experts carry out an inspection every two years. They can catch any problems early on. They will also recommend the best time for a pump-out.
  • Improper installation and poor designs that did not take into consideration specific factors. These include soil type, topography, sufficient space, and so much more.
  • Inadequate tank capacity to handle the amount of wastewater you generate.
  • Damage to the different components from tree roots or foot/vehicle traffic. 

Avoid Septic System Failure by Talking to SES Experts

Think about the maintenance of your septic system the way you would your car. You probably have a mechanic on your speed dial. The SES professionals would love to be your solution to everything to do with your septic system. We have helped thousands of satisfied clients over the nearly 35 years of our service. We want to help you too. 

Start the conversation by filling in the form on our website. What you get is a partner you can trust to maintain your systems. 

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