What Causes Septic System Failures in Manassas Park, VA?

There could be something bugging you about the neighbor’s house. Perhaps there might be a sewage smell that just never seems to quit. The neighbor could also have some very wet areas around the septic tank. 

Perhaps a casual conversation with him lets you know that he needs a good plumber. No matter how much he tries, the drainage may never seem to be responsive. 

What you may both not know is that all these are indicative of septic system failures. They are classic signs that your neighbor needs much more than a plumber. What he needs is sewage system experts like those you will find in SES company. 

Now, you might realize that you need to take preemptive measures. You don’t want to experience what your neighbor is going through.  

So, we can help you out by outlining some of the factors that cause septic system failures in Manassas Park, VA. 

What Causes Septic System Failures in Manassas Park VA

Take note of the following things that could lead to the failure of your septic system.  

      1. You Are Using the Wrong Tank Capacity

Ask yourself; how did the contracting company measure the capacity when installing the septic system? Did they factor in the number of people living with you?  

If you were living alone at that time, they might have recommended a smaller tank. Now, you might have added on to the numbers. Nonetheless, did you change the tank to a bigger one? The more people, the more waste you generate. It could very well be the time to think about upgrading to a bigger tank. 

      2. You Have Never Carried Out Any Maintenance

Why do you go for a health check every single year? Because you know that it is the best way to catch any issues early on. So, you need to schedule regular ‘health checkups’ for your septic system as well. One every two years should suffice. 

      3. The Professionals Did Not Handle the Installation

How complex is it to install a septic system? Well, the answer is quite hard. Several factors go into the process.

  • Environmental factors like soil condition or topography
  • Calculating sufficient space for the entire system
  • Avoiding anything that could destroy the different components. These include trees, paving, and high-traffic areas. 
  • Choosing the best material to ensure durability and long-term usage.

Entrusting the job to just anyone can backfire on you. It is an excellent idea to let experienced professionals like SES handle their job. Think about it this way. Isn’t it better to incur a one-off professional cost than lose tons of cash in repairs and replacements? That’s what we always tell our clients, and indeed they always agree with us.

We Are the Experts to Talk To

How do you determine industry expertise? Longevity, solid reputation, industry knowledge, hundreds of happy customers, and tons of testimonials to prove the same. We have all that. 

Talk to SES today about your septic system inspection and maintenance. Don’t wait for the system failure to occur. Start our partnership by filling in the form on our website. 

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