What Causes Septic System Failures in Clifton, VA?

How much do you know about your septic system? Perhaps not as much as you should. For many people, it is a functional component of the home. And, as long as it is working well, there is no need for concerns. 

But now you may start to experience some problems. The water might not drain as fast as it should. Furthermore, there could be a distinct smell of sewage in the house.  

You may also notice wet and smelly spots in your yard. That may very well indicate that your septic system that is on its way to failure. 

Our article looks at what causes septic system failures in Clifton, VA. Take a minute to read this informative article. It could save you the headache, hassle, and cost of dealing with a defective septic system. 

What Causes Septic System Failures in Clinton, VA?

We began by asking about how well you know your septic system. Several components make up the septic system. These include the tank, drain field, and pipes.  

Each tank has a capacity that you should not exceed. If you have noticed any of the failure signs mentioned in the introduction, it’s time to call in the experts. 

We inspect the system and recommend the best way forward. This could include a pump-out or replacing specific parts. 

So, to answer the question, the following could result in a septic system failure. 

  • Excessive water use results in overloading of the system. The capacity you go for should take into consideration the number of people living within the household. When you exceed the allocation, it can burden the system resulting in issues. 
  • Drainage, runoff water, or debris can also contribute to the overloading of the septic system. You mustn’t divert any surface runoff to the system. 
  • Lack of maintenance is another critical issue. Call in the experts for an inspection every two years. Depending on usage, they may recommend a pump out every three to five years 
  • Improper installation or poor designs can play a role. The installing company considers several factors when setting up the system. These include soil conditions, sufficient space, flow rates, etc. Overlooking any one of the factors can result in serious problems down the line. 

Consult the Experts for Your Defective Septic System

Do not let a defective septic system run you out of your home. SES has been in the industry for years. 

We have managed to service a large number of clients in Clifton, VA, who have faced similar issues. We have the expertise, tools and knowledge to provide a lasting solution. 

Getting in touch with our team only requires you to fill in the form on our website. One of our technicians will get in touch with you at your convenience for a consultation.   

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