Builder & Developer Services

If you are building on a new lot, building an addition or tearing down an old structure to build a new one, understanding your needs for an onsite sewage system is imperative to its success. Let SES take you through the process from initial evaluation to completion including operating and maintaining your alternative onsite system annually.

During the design process we will be able to give you choices with costs as opposed to designing something that doesn’t suit your needs or that you can’t afford to install or operate after it’s installed. The cheapest systems in Virginia are usually not the best value as they cost more to operate on an annual basis or require major maintenance every 4 to 8 years.

Soils for Subdivisions

Our Certified and Licensed Professionals ensure the soil investigations are completed in a timely manner and in full compliance with all State & local codes. Mapping, classification and suitability studies for onsite sewage disposal systems are completed with the latest GPS and Auto CAD technologies to better evaluate your property. Saturated hydraulic conductivity testing is standard with SES. Most other forms only employ these methods on large system and commercial sites.

Whether you plan on building on raw land, adding on or a complete tear down & re-build, establishing the location and type of onsite sewage system necessary to handle your plan is an essential element. Call SES and schedule a very affordable initial consult on your property and we’ll get you headed in the right direction. Use SES to complete the work and we’ll apply 1/2 of your initial consult fee to your final invoice. Most initial consults can be scheduled within two weeks.


Once the soil evaluation is complete its time to design your onsite sewage system. There are many choices in today’s septic system world and helping you find the right system for your application is our number one priority.

Things to consider are value, which is different from cost, aesthetics, required maintenance, operating expenses and long term service requirements.

The right system for you as an individual homeowner may be different than a custom or semi-custom builder with many lots. SES engineers and staff have years of experience designing and installing septic systems. Let our expertise in all types of systems guide you down a path you’ll be satisfied with now and for years to come.

Community Systems

When multiple residential dwellings or mixed uses are connected to a single onsite sewage system, they are commonly referred to as communal, community or mass onsite systems. All designs for communal systems require a Professional Engineer to direct the process from the preliminary engineering conference to the final plans and specifications. SES is well equipped to design and construct your next communal system and have experience with systems from 6 to 156 homes.


Once your soil study is complete, your design is done, your permit is issued it’s time to install it. SES can help with this as well!

Our installation crews and foremen are some of the most experienced in the State and are properly licensed for alternative and conventional systems. Our design build process ensures you won’t get lost in the process with required construction inspections, health department certificates or operations permits.

Pump & Haul

The Virginia Department of Health defines pump and haul contracts as agreements that provide for the proper and safe collection, VDH-approved storage, and transported by authorized vehicles to an appropriate off-site treatment facility. SES offers you a modern fleet of tanker trucks, experienced operators, and state-of-the-art septic service equipment.

Since we are a pump and haul contract owner/operator, we are nimble, and able to offer you near-immediate response in the event of a septic or drainage emergency. Partner with the experts at SES Mid-Atlantic and enjoy a cost-effective, worry-free pump and haul contract relationship.

With more than three decades of incident-free service for our pump and haul clients, we offer wastewater collection and transportation to an approved, off-site receiving treatment facility to eliminate any pump and haul concerns you have.

Phase 1 Environmental

Contact SES Mid Atlantic to assist with any ESAs to research the current and historical uses of a property as part of a commercial real estate transaction. The intent of the report is to assess if current or historical property uses have impacted the soil or groundwater beneath the property and could pose a threat to the environment and/or human health.

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