Don’t Ignore Septic System Maintenance in Northern Virginia

You might be brand-new to septic system maintenance at your Northern Virginia house. A fundamental part of septic tank upkeep is keeping your drainfield safe.

Why It’s Important to Locate Your Drainfield
You have to understand where your drainfield is found so you can take care of it effectively, without triggering any damage to the drainfield. You likewise have to understand where your drainfield lies, so you can inspect it for issues that indicate problems, such as soaked soil and smells.

Ways to Locate Your Drainfield
If a copy of the illustration of your drainfield is not offered from other sources (such as the previous house owner, or the local government) you can follow these suggestions for finding your drainfield:

In late summertime, if you stop watering your yard you might see green stripes in your backyard, which’s where your drainfield pipelines lie. Throughout the winter season, the locations above your drainfield pipelines might be the top place frost melts in your yard.

Look for white-capped tubes or pipelines, cut off at or near the ground surface area. They permit you to inspect the liquid level in the drainfield pipelines and lie at the ends of the pipes. Carefully probe the locations leading away from the septic tank. (Don’t use tools that can harm the septic tank top or other components.) Look for shallow, flat areas which might mark the drainfield trenches. It is not likely that a drainfield might have been set up amongst big trees or in extremely rocky areas. Go under your house and look where the drain pipeline exits the structure. The septic tank is normally within 10 feet of the foundation.

Once you understand where your drainfield lies, you ought to make sure to never ever pave over the drainfield Park or drive heavy devices over the drainfield. You won’t put an aboveground swimming pool over the drainfield, either. Planting trees or shrubs too near or in the drainfield is also a big no-no.

If you are unable to locate your drainfield, please contact the experts at SES Mid-Atlantic LLC, for help. Serving all of Northern Virginia, the professionals at SES are trusted, knowledgeable, licensed, and insured to provide septic tank maintenance.

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