Essential Guidelines About Sewage System Inspection You Should Know

Always remember that in order to use septic systems without any problem, you will need to maintain them properly and regularly. This is regardless, whether you have a traditional or an alternative septic system. Alternative onsite sewage system inspection in Vint Hill Farms VA can help in the maintenance of your septic tank, using the below instructions: 

  1. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand health department regulations and manufacturer instructions to maintain and use your septic tank properly.
  2. Go through the owner’s manual thoroughly to understand how the system works. If this is unavailable, get in touch with your manufacturer. 
  3. For traditional septic tanks, carry out regular pumping and inspections. The frequency of these inspections varies and depends on factors, such as volume capacity and wastewater quantity produced in your home. 
  4. Reduce the use of heavy water, as it places a more significant load on septic tanks. 
  5. For conventional septic systems, it is necessary to pump out the tank once in 3 to 5 years. This is done to ensure that the tank is not clogged. In contrast, for an alternative septic system, you can take the help of expert services like the alternative onsite sewage system inspection in Vint Hill Farms VA, every year.
  6. Contact only licensed contractors to carry out your maintenance routines. 
  7. Once maintenance is over, make sure to store those records safely so that you can reproduce them to authorities if the need arises.
  8.  You need to keep in mind that certain medicines destroy bacteria that are necessary for wastewater treatment. If a family member is taking high-dose medications like chemotherapy drugs, make sure to inform your wastewater treatment professional. 
  9. Reduce water usage and wastage at home. This can be done in many ways, such as repairing leaky faucets, using front-loaded washing machines, and using smaller showerheads. This will help conserve water, thus extending the life of your septic tank.
  10. Be aware of the septic tank’s location in your home and draw a location map if needed.
  11. Check the credentials of the service contractor for your alternative sewage system to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy, such as the SES Mid Atlantic services. 

At SES Mid Atlantic, we offer alternative onsite sewage system inspection in Vint Hill Farms, VA. Are you wondering how to contact us?  To get in touch with our experts, contact us on our website by filling out a form. Our soft-spoken customer care professionals will surely be happy to help you. They will contact you within 24 hours and will never get bored with your countless number of queries, however trivial they may be.

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