New Baltimore VA Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspection

When was the last time you had the professionals inspect your underground fuel storage tank? Might you have also purchased an older New Baltimore VA property sometime? Did you confirm if there could be a fuel tank beneath? You need to be sure about such crucial factors to avoid possible future environmental hazards through dangers such as petroleum leakages.

New Baltimore VA Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspection

In case you aren’t sure whether you have a buried petroleum tank in your newly-acquired property or if you suppose that the tank may be leaking, do not waste more time. You need to call the professionals at SES for an inspection immediately. We will be more than willing to visit you and assess your underground storage tank either on your residential or commercial property, at absolutely no cost.

If, after the assessment, we confirm that there’s a tank on your grounds, we’ll check it further for any indication of water, after which we can dig up small piping beside the fuel tank. We will also scan for fuel vaporization during the digging and have a certified lab investigate your soil for petroleum hydrocarbons.

What Should I do if My Tank is Leaking?

The SES experts will ask you to:

1. Report your case to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) within 24-hours
2. Make a professional deal with SES to manage the tank’s continuous, significant functionality
3. Also sign a contract with SES to oversee:

  • Your tank’s remediation and funding through the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund
  • The restoration of your tank from any form of contamination
  • Reinstate the tank’s overall workability to its good initial condition
  • The continuous professional representation in every regulatory agency’s requirements until your case is fully concluded.

What if My Tank is in Good Working Order?

The professionals will often suggest the following steps:

1) To let us install a tiny examination pipe next to your tank for purposes of making our future work easier
3) To ensure you verify your fuel filters for water at least twice every year
4) To ascertain that your petroleum tank is re-filled all year round for purposes of reducing the possibility of condensation
5) To always keep a track record of your fuel acquisition and usages
6) To watch for signs of unusually high fuel usage rate
7) To call us immediately you sense some petroleum smell within your property
8) To let the SES professionals put you on their automatic inspection schedule, which is significant for future routine tank inspections, such that we will be visiting your property for timely inspections without then need to book appointments that you could forget.
Keep in mind that New Baltimore VA petroleum underground storage tank (UST) inspection is essential for your safety and the peace of your mind. After confirming that your tank is not leaking, we can also provide you a certified report at a reasonable price.

Talk to SES for Satisfactory Underground Petroleum Tank Inspection

Since 1992, we’ve helped many clients fully restore the value of their properties to their fulfillment. You can also take pleasure in our services.

Feel free to call us, and we will gladly inspect your property and offer you the right solutions.

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